Finally some horticulture..

Finally….the reason we started this..!

IMG_7806 2

For months we have been doing all the “groundwork” at Down Farm. Preparing beds, heaving wheelbarrows of poo here there and everywhere, digging holes, hiring plants to move big & bulky objects, putting up polytunnels, building tables…you get the idea. Now our propagation tunnel is ready, and our seed trays finally arrived, the first seeds at Down Farm could be sown – beetroot, peas, broad beans, lettuce, salad leaves, turnips & kohl rabi.

Cos lettuce seeds sown, inspired by Liv’s Mum (Maureen)

In groundwork news, the skin is finally on the polytunnel. We have been waiting patiently for a day with winds under 5mph..but they are few and far between on our site. We are nestled between Dartmoor and Exmoor, and the SW winds seem to rush between to the two national parks right over our field. The day we chose saw winds of about 6-7mph but with some dangerous gusts over 10mph. We lost the sheet twice..and spent a lot of time clinging desperately on to the plastic hoping it wouldn’t sail away (again), but by the end of the day it was (mostly!) secured down, and ready to be stretched as tight as a drum.¬†Thank you Jim & Stephanie for your help, without your extra hands it would have been a disaster! Three days later and the skin is fully on, the polytunnel beds are prepared and covered, ready for our tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, and cucumbers in a few weeks time.



The (nearly) finished tunnel!