Crowdfunding for Harvest Workers’ Co-op

The Harvest Workers’ Co-op  is  a new and exciting project to provide, ethical, organic and local food for our local community in and around Okehampton, and host an engaging programme of educational events on everything food and farming. There is a group of seven of us (including Henry and myself from Down Farm), all passionate about local food, community and spreading the word of good farming. We will be running an organic farm shop in the centre of Okehampton, and getting to work on our educational events later this year. However, we need money to get this project off the ground, so we are crowdfunding to help us refit the shop, making it better for staff and customers, cover our running costs while we handover from the current owners of the farm shop to the co-op and to cover any of those essential set-up costs.

When Down Farm produce is ready – in the next few weeks or so – we will be supplying the shop, ensuring local people are eating our food. It will be a great place for us to sell to the community, and somewhere we can work, to meet our customers, so they can put a face to the origins of the food, and have peace of mind that their food is produced sustainably without any harmful chemicals or sprays.

If you can help at all, please go to our crowdfunding page:

There are lots of fantastic rewards!

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