At Down Farm we make fresh sourdough bread using organic, stoneground flour from Stoates. Our bread is sold monthly at the Winkleigh market, made-to-order and available in Harvest Farm Shop (Okehampton) twice a week. We make:

  • Rye
  • Wholemeal
  • White
  • Ancient grain loaves (Einkorn, Kamut, Spelt)
  • Blended loaves

It takes 24 hours to make a loaf of sourdough, what’s the rush! It is “Real Bread“, that is bread made with only flour, levain and salt: definitely no nasties! The slow process of sourdough has added health benefits: the sourdough bacteria pre-digests the flour, which releases the micronutrients. This process takes place over a long slow fermentation, which gives a “sour” flavour and very different texture.



Photo: StoneFree